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hSauna offers you benefits of recovering your health. This is a treatment method without using medicine and is applied all over the world. Long time ago people knew to use sauna for curing diseases, especially flu. Sauna is very effective because:

  • It applies heat to warm up and stimulate your body, excrete your sweat and scum, lighten your kidney. Because the skin is very close to all organs and systems of the body, especially cardiovascular system, sauna helps blood vessels dilated widely and reduces peripheral resistance. As a result, blood comes to heart increasing lead to pulsate heart more regularly.
  • It impacts the nerve system, speeding up the metabolism in your body, reducing tiredness then reduces injury which often happens to your body. It also helps your body to have quick reaction to changeable situation of the surrounding environment within your own autonomy.
  • It provides good impact to your respiratory system: the heat enhances blood supply to the respiratory mucosa, which can regenerate epithelium and develop capillary in the lung. Thanks to the head, respiratory muscles are relaxed, bronchia is opened widely, and breathing is more easy.

Sauna is effective to many ages, but it should not be used for:

  • Pregnant and babies because it pushes the hearts to contract too much
  • Those with chronic lung diseases or infection

Time for sauna should be less than 15 minutes. If you feel uncomfortable, leave the room immediately to avoid hot stunned.


30 mins 50.000vnd


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