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Candle Massage Vietnam offers a relaxing sensation, specializing skincare, dehydration and providing quickly natural plant components that soften dry areas such as elbow and foot.


Most importantly, Candle Massage features double treatment efficiency and heat maximization as well as enhances the ability to absorb nutrients from soy, butter, cocoa, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, mango, shea butter contained in candles. Essential oil in the massage candle helps to stimulate the mental activities and reduce stress, so that the body can gradually reach the absolute relaxation.



Step 1: The therapists press the pores on the neck, shoulders and back of the body to start the whole body, circulating blood vessels to open the congestion.

Step 2: massage your ankles, calves, thighs and thighs with melted candles.

Step 3: Apply the candle oil to the entire back, from the end of the back to the shoulder and neck, massage, pressing down the spine.

Step 4: Massage the neck and shoulders down to the arms and palms. Under the influence of candle massage blood cells under the skin, capillaries, reflex nerves connected to the brain are active and strong.

Step 5: Start massage from the bottom up from the toes to the ankles and the front thighs of the body. Heat goes deep into the muscles, joints, acupressure point concentrating, thrombocytopenia, relief of pain, the phenomenon of muscle stiffness really disappeared.

Step 6: Combination of strong and strong massage to tighten the abdomen and chest.

Step 7: Massage the neck, arms and palms

Step 8: Massage, press the head area to feel the nerves are stimulated, bring a sense of comfort.

If you are interested in Vietnamese Candle Massage service, please see pricing details here.

60 mins – 90 mins – 120 mins 470.000vnd – 550.000vnd – 690.000vnd


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