Rejuvenation has been created by Sunny Spa, is perfect spa package to re-new your skin to be baby-skin in 12minutes. It’s combined 3 complementary services Body scrub + Wrap your body by natural extract + Swallow mask scent a peach petals.  Healthy skin is one of the strongest weapons to get attractive from the other around people and women forget to care their body skin in right way regularly. Sunny Spa have designed a full body rejuvenation Spa package that enhances intensively our natural nutrient... Chi tiết



   FOUR-HAND SPECIAL MASSAGE Step 1: Warm up your body with essential oil. The body will be completely liberated, you will be pleasant because of the expansion of the muscle and the pores. Step 2: Massage your back. Back is considered to be an important part of the body. The therapist will massage to soothe the soft muscles in the back, stop the aches and pains which help you feel relax. Step 3: Massage neck, shoulder, nape. You can experience from soft level massage to press your muscles... Chi tiết

120 mins 880.000vnd


Relaxing & Refreshing Spa Package is for people who are always ‘on the move’ and have tired and dehydrated skin. Skin will receive comprehensive treatment which consists of light massage with the highlight of foot massage. It aims to balance the body. During 120 minutes, staff will apply coconut and rice bran to remove dead skin cells, stimulating the ability of absorbing nutrition. During skin rubbing process, staff will also massage the whole body to relieve all the muscle tension and boost up the blood... Chi tiết

120 mins 530.000vnd


Warming & charming Spa Package detoxifies and revitalizes body. This massage will help detoxify your body and protect your body temperature. Moreover, using this, your body will absorb well blended mix of nutrition from high quality masks and hot stone massage, which helps revitalize your skin.   TIME: 120 MINUTES PRICE: 900.000VND   HOT STONE BODY MASSAGE: Step 1: Gently massage in your back to help regulate and smooth muscles. Step 2: Apply essential oil to reduce stress, circulate blood vessels Step 3: Massage back... Chi tiết

120mins 900.000vnd


Gentle & Extricate Spa Package is the combination of the two most favorite services at Sunny Spa – Vietnamese Massage Therapy and Facial Care, which aims to improve circulatory and immune system and skin health. Skincare combining with full body massage helps stimulate blood circulation, digestion and metabolism and restore the body energy.   BODY VIET NAM BY OIL: Step 1: Warm up your body with essential oil by professional therapist to help the body reduce stress, relax the soft muscles, blood circulation. Step 2: Massage your back... Chi tiết

120 mins 790.000vnd


Foot massage combining with facial massage is a time-and cost-efficient treatment for restoring body enegery. This package is totally suitable for travelers and officers. All pressure on the feet, due to traveling constantly, sit or stand for too long will be relieved. The feet will be massaged and cared mostly & gently. Any blockage or tension under the soles will be disappeared and replaced by the absolute relaxation. Tired skin, due to weather condition, will be revitalized through absorbing natural nutrition from colostrum and collagen. ... Chi tiết



Harmony and Glow Spa Package is designed to give full treatment to the body and bring the glowing beauty to guests. It is the combination of 3 services, including Vietnamese Bamboo Massage, Full Body Exfoliation and Skin massage. Process and quality of the 3 services of the package are unchanged while you can save time with optimal result.   Time: 180 minutes Price: 1.050.000vnd   Body massage by bamboo Step 1: Open acupuncture to remove toxin from your body Step 2: Apply essential oil to... Chi tiết



Perfect Spa Package offers full body treatment, bringing the glowing beauty and happiness to guests. During 100 minutes, 2 staffs will constantly massage, exfoliate the body and provide nutrition and skin massage. Guests will feel constant massage activities, building up the connection between the body and the mind thanks to our staff’s care. During the service, the mental activity and metabolism are boosted up; hence, the guests will feel more relaxed as all anxiety and tension are relieved, bringing healthiness, trust and happiness. It is... Chi tiết

180 mins 1.080.000vnd


BODY MASSAGE BY BAMBOO Step 1: Open acupuncture to remove toxin from your body Step 2: Apply essential oil to reduce stress, circulate blood vessels Step 3: Massage back of the body with hot bamboo to remove toxin, reduce muscle pain and bone diseases. Step 4: Massage by bamboo , press acupuncture point of feet. This process lightly impacts the nerves and acupuncture in your soles, which not only remove your tiredness and recover the flow of your energy, but also strengthen your health Step... Chi tiết