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+84968 000 777 Address: 124 Hồ Xuân Hương, Da Nang, Vietnam.


When you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful coastal city of Central Vietnam, you can completely choose for you the most modern means of transport and “speed” that is the planes.

If you come to Da Nang during holidays, business trips or short-term appointments, the plane is the best way. By the convenience, it saves time and money when it’s reasonably priced.

Airfare from Hanoi to Saigon is only 800,000 VND to 2,500,000 VND / one way (depending on airline and class) – more expensive than passenger cars and trains but save a lot of time. After 1h20 ‘you are in Da Nang, no matter where you are in the country.

However, for the cheapest fares you should book soon before about 1 month. You can get cheap ticket information at

There are three airlines Jetstar, Vietnam Airline and VietJetAir fligh to Da Nang,  Vietnam Airline is the most expensive, the other two airlines are cheaper and more promotional Ticket price from 800,000 VND – 1.2 million VND / one way.

Jetstar is available for booking air-ticket at: – Hotline: 19001550.

Vietnam Airline is available for booking air-ticket at – hotline: 1900 1100.

VietJetAir is available for booking air-ticket at – Hotline: 1900 1886