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+84968 000 777 Address: 124 Hồ Xuân Hương, Da Nang, Vietnam.


Massage Therapy Vietnam in Sunny Spa Da Nang is a comprehensive healthcare treatment based on traditional Vietnamese medicine, focusing on the direct movements of hands and fingers on the skin with deeply pressing to muscles and bones. Staff massages slowly, attentively and calmly listen to your body. They will spend more time massaging the painful places of the body in order to help you relieve pain, cure musculoskeletal disorders, regulate emotional balance and reduce stress.


Regarding physical treatment, Vietnamese Therapy Massage focuses on facilitate mental activities to create changes in nervous and endocrine system, which is parts of body treatment and relaxation to relieve stress from work and personal life and to protect health.



Step 1: Warm up your body with essential oil. The body will be completely liberated, you will be pleasant because of the expansion of the muscle and the pores.


Step 2: Massage your back. Back is considered to be an important part of the body. The therapist will massage to soothe the soft muscles in the back, stop the aches and pains which help you feel relax.

Step 3: Massage neck, shoulder, nape. You can experience from soft level massage to press your muscles and press acupuncture points in order to soothe and deliver your pains.

Step 4: Massage arms and press acupuncture points on the hands.

Step 5: Massage the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, legs.


If you are interested in Vietnamese Therapy Massage please see pricing details here.

60 – 90 – 120 phút 370.000 – 500.000 – 620.000 đồng


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