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Human skin produces about 5 billions cells a day. Accordingly, death cells will be felt, but some still remain in the new skin which can gather bacteria and dust. This makes your skin dark, easy to have acne, or wrinkled. Therefore, periodical exfoliation is very important. Sunny spa can help you to improve your skin by perfect skin care process:

+ Skin care with coconut: Choose from natural ingredients, your skin will be benign, clean and polished perfectly with the mellow nature of coconut.

+ Skin care with Rice Bran: Rice bran contains a lot of good micronutrients such as Gramma-erythanol, Beta-carotene, Omega 3,6,9, Vitamin E, B1, B2, …create elasticity, provide a natural white and clean face.

+ Skin care with Red bean: Active element and folic acid supplements are antioxidants in red bean that help your skin anti-aging. In addition, it contains vitamins A, B, E in combination with a skin care process cleanser that smoothes the skin, promotes new skin regeneration, and eliminates dead skin cells faster.

+ Skin care with brown sugar: This is a combination process with materials be seem as “the pharmacy” to skin care. Brown sugar contains large amounts of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron glycolic acid have a particularly strong effect on the skin’s firmness by increasing the thickness of the dermis.

+ Skin care with milk salts: Mineral salts and colestrum are proven ingredients for its excellent skin-conditioning benefits. Thoroughly removes dead skin cells, toxins and dirt on the surface of the skin, is completely compatible with all skin types and does not irritate. The skin care with milk salts to help regenerate your skin. The experts therapist use combined professional massage to help you really relax, filled with fresh energy.


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