Skin rejuvenation with serum vitamin C   Renewed regeneration of elastin & collagen regenerates damaged skin cells. It is specially formulated to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Merely maintaining long-lasting skin cells leading to rapid wrinkles disappear, bright skin brightens vitality. This unique rejuvenating treatment is only available at Sunny Spa, a fast-penetrating Vitamin C, which rapidly absorbs new skin, smoothes out skin pigmentation, and prevents aging. Process as follows: Step 1: Clean your skin and wash your face, moisturize your skin... Chi tiết

90 phút 600.000vnd


Hot stone massage Vietnam encourages blood flow through the body, excretes toxic substances and promotes deep relaxation. It involves the application of water-heated stones to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth. Direct heat of the stones relaxes muscles, allowing the therapist access to their deeper muscle layers. Stones are heated to the right temperature, together with therapeutic oil, sliding, rubbing, pressing, rubbing or heating on the acupuncture points and muscles helps to regain body balance.... Chi tiết

60 mins – 90 mins – 120 mins 420.000VND – 520.000VND – 660.000VND


Full body massage Vietnam relieves stress, balances body quickly and increases youthful vitality. Two competent staffs from Sunny Spa will massage the whole body from the left to the right, from the head to the feet with the strong press to acupuncture points to take the body to the limit of tolerance in order to bring healthy energy, trust and happiness.   Two staffs will simultaneously massage the entire body to help guests feel constant massage activities, building up the connection between the body and... Chi tiết

60 mins – 90 mins 690.000vnd – 950.000vnd


Bamboo Massage Vietnam in Sunny Spa helps prevent body aging, restore skin cells that have shown signs of damage, anti-dysfunction of muscles. At Sunny Spa, Bamboo Massage service requires intensive skills in order to bring relaxing & enjoyable experience to our guests. With good understanding of body bone structure, staff wil apply intensive massage techniques using bamboo stick with smooth massage movements, kneading the soft muscles in deep vortex. It helps reduce strokes, prevent muscle disorder, accelerate and detoxify body. During the process, warm bamboo... Chi tiết

60 mins – 90 mins – 120 mins 520.000VND – 690.000VND – 850.000VND


Massage Therapy Vietnam in Sunny Spa Da Nang is a comprehensive healthcare treatment based on traditional Vietnamese medicine, focusing on the direct movements of hands and fingers on the skin with deeply pressing to muscles and bones. Staff massages slowly, attentively and calmly listen to your body. They will spend more time massaging the painful places of the body in order to help you relieve pain, cure musculoskeletal disorders, regulate emotional balance and reduce stress.   Regarding physical treatment, Vietnamese Therapy Massage focuses on facilitate... Chi tiết

60 – 90 – 120 phút 370.000 – 500.000 – 620.000 đồng


Aromatherapy Massage Vietnam is a higher combination of Therapy Massage Vietnam with herbal essential oils to give more effective body treatment. The body retains its long-lasting aroma which promotes respiration through the skin, increases heat discharge, detoxifies and enhances the skin’s protective function.   The combination of herbal oils during massage therapy stimulates mental activities to release negative emotions, which assists in curing or remedying symptoms of anxiety, fatigue, stress, insomnia, back pain.   Step 1: Warm up your body with essential oil. The body will... Chi tiết

60 mins – 90 mins – 120 mins 470.000vnd – 590.000vnd – 690.000vnd


Thailand Body Massage influence deeply into the circulatory system, bone and joints, nerves, respiratory and circulatory system to stimulate energy sources, restore endurance, energy to work.   Massage process is combined with art and medicine, typically with stretching joints method according to Yoga. Staff is skilled in pressing, squeezing, stretching, stretching, folding, and rolling of hand-feet–elbows-legs-knees. Stretching muscles & joints following Yoga method increases the elasticity of the tendons and ligament. It promotes the excretion of joint fluid and increases circulation around the joints, which... Chi tiết

60 mins – 90 mins – 120 mins 470.000vnd – 590.000vnd – 690.000vnd


Candle Massage Vietnam offers a relaxing sensation, specializing skincare, dehydration and providing quickly natural plant components that soften dry areas such as elbow and foot.   Most importantly, Candle Massage features double treatment efficiency and heat maximization as well as enhances the ability to absorb nutrients from soy, butter, cocoa, grape seed oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, vitamin E, mango, shea butter contained in candles. Essential oil in the massage candle helps to stimulate the mental activities and reduce stress, so that the body can... Chi tiết

60 mins – 90 mins – 120 mins 470.000vnd – 550.000vnd – 690.000vnd


Full Body Massage with Korean Lotion provides essential nutrition to tired looking or aging skin. Your body, especially your skin, will receive exceptional care. With skillful hand movements, our staff focuses on improving your respiratory systems and blood circulation of the skin, facilitating collagen& elastic production through nutrition from ginseng. As a result, your skin will be softer, smoother and stronger than ever.   Full Body Massage with Korean Lotion is a brand new treatment which specializes in skincare, suitable for dry skin, which is... Chi tiết

75mins - 90mins – 120mins 470.000vnd – 590.000vnd – 650.000vnd


At Sunny Spa, foot massage vietnam includes soles, insteps and calves massage. The most important focus is on the soles which receive all pressure of the whole body. Plus, the soles contain the majority of body organs’ representatives, which closely connect the organs of the body to form energy stream. As long as the energy flows normally, the body is healthy. If there is a blockage due to stress, fatigue or excessive exercise, it will cause illnesses.   Vietnamese foot massage relieves pain on the... Chi tiết

60 – 90 phút 330.000 - 440.000 đồng