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+84968 000 777 Address: 124 Hồ Xuân Hương, Da Nang, Vietnam.


Perfect Spa Package offers full body treatment, bringing the glowing beauty and happiness to guests.

During 100 minutes, 2 staffs will constantly massage, exfoliate the body and provide nutrition and skin massage. Guests will feel constant massage activities, building up the connection between the body and the mind thanks to our staff’s care.

During the service, the mental activity and metabolism are boosted up; hence, the guests will feel more relaxed as all anxiety and tension are relieved, bringing healthiness, trust and happiness. It is the path to life fulfillment.


Time: 180mins

Price: 1.080.000vnd



2 therapists do massage parallel

Step 1: Massage your back. Back is considered to be the largest part of the body. The therapist will massage to soothe the soft muscles in the back, stop the aches and pains which help you feel relax.

Step 2: Massage neck, shoulder, neck. You can experience from soft level massage to press your muscles and press acupuncture points in order to soothe and deliver your pains.

Step 3: Massage arms and press acupuncture points on the hands.

Step 4: Massage the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, legs.



Step 1: Determine the exact type of skin, current skin condition.

Step 2: Clean the skin, remove makeup and remove dead cells or dirt cling on to the skin

Step 3: Wash up, sauna with natural essential oil to blood vessels under the skin circulates well.

Step 4: Suck out oil, clear acne on the skin. This step is extremely important to help remove excess oil in the pores.

Step 5: Massage the face, appease the soft muscles on the face. Increased elasticity and elasticity have anti-aging as well as wrinkles removing.

Step 6: Hot blanket combination pressure points

Step 7: Run the infrared machine to tighten the skin, helping smooth skin

Step 8: Apply natural mask with Japansese microphyte or collagen and milk provide skin nutrients.

Step 9: Massage head, shoulders, neck to relax in the process of mask

Step 10: Clean skin, apply natural rose water.


You can choose to skin care process with natural ingredients as follows:

+ Skin care with coconut: Choose from natural ingredients, your skin will be benign, clean and polished perfectly with the mellow nature of coconut.

+ Skin care with Rice Bran: Rice bran contains a lot of good micronutrients such as Gramma-erythanol, Beta-carotene, Omega 3,6,9, Vitamin E, B1, B2, …create elasticity, provide a natural white and clean face.

+ Skin care with Red bean: Active element and folic acid supplements are antioxidants in red bean that help your skin anti-aging. In addition, it contains vitamins A, B, E in combination with a skin care process cleanser that smoothes the skin, promotes new skin regeneration, and eliminates dead skin cells faster.

+ Skin care with brown sugar: This is a combination process with materials be seem as “the pharmacy” to skin care. Brown sugar contains large amounts of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron glycolic acid have a particularly strong effect on the skin’s firmness by increasing the thickness of the dermis.

+ Skin care with milk salts: Mineral salts and colostrum are proven ingredients for its excellent skin-conditioning benefits. Thoroughly removes dead skin cells, toxins and dirt on the surface of the skin, is completely compatible with all skin types and does not irritate. The skin care with milk salts to help regenerate your skin. The experts therapist use combined professional massage to help you really relax, filled with fresh energy.

180 mins 1.080.000vnd


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