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+84968 000 777 Address: 124 Hồ Xuân Hương, Da Nang, Vietnam.



Skin face care help maintain your youthful, reduce winkle, provide a natural white, create elasticity, prevent skin sagging.

Sunny Spa provides relax facial massage services by applying our special massage technique that help to completely relax the skin, helping to retain the youthfulness of the skin by lifting the facial muscles, removing wrinkles, cleansing the face, bring positive effects to bring back the original natural beauty of the skin.

Steps to do

Step 1: Clean the skin, remove makeup and remove dead cells or dirt cling on to the skin

Step 2: Wash up, sauna with natural essential oil to blood vessels under the skin circulates well.

Step 3: Suck out oil, clear acne on the skin. This step is extremely important to help remove excess oil in the pores.

Step 4: Massage the face, appease the soft muscles on the face. Increased elasticity and elasticity have anti-aging as well as wrinkles removing.

Step 5: Hot blanket combination pressure points

Step 6: Run the infrared machine to tighten the skin, helping smooth skin

Step 7: Clean skin.

60 mins 320.000vnd


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