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+84968 000 777 Address: 124 Hồ Xuân Hương, Da Nang, Vietnam.


Bamboo Massage Vietnam in Sunny Spa helps prevent body aging, restore skin cells that have shown signs of damage, anti-dysfunction of muscles.

At Sunny Spa, Bamboo Massage service requires intensive skills in order to bring relaxing & enjoyable experience to our guests. With good understanding of body bone structure, staff wil apply intensive massage techniques using bamboo stick with smooth massage movements, kneading the soft muscles in deep vortex. It helps reduce strokes, prevent muscle disorder, accelerate and detoxify body. During the process, warm bamboo is used to activate the silica crystal effect and create an interactive area of the body with the electric. Combining with nutrients from natural oils such as cinnamon, cherries, rosemary, ginger, it penetrates deeply into the skin and helps prevent aging and restore skin cells quickly.


 Step 1: Open acupuncture to remove toxin from your body

Step 2: Apply essential oil to reduce stress, circulate blood vessels

Step 3: Massage back of the body with hot bamboo to remove toxin, reduce muscle pain and bone diseases.

Step 4: Massage by bamboo, press acupuncture point of feet. This process lightly impacts the nerves and acupuncture in your soles, which not only remove your tiredness and recover the flow of your energy, but also strengthen your health

Step 5: Put towel on body and use bamboo to knock the body.

Step 6: Massage legs and press acupuncture point of feet.

Step 7: Massage your head, wipe body and finish the massage.

If you are interested in Vietnamese Bamboo, please see pricing details here.

60 mins – 90 mins – 120 mins 520.000VND – 690.000VND – 850.000VND


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