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+84968 000 777 Address: 124 Hồ Xuân Hương, Da Nang, Vietnam.


Full Body Massage with Korean Lotion provides essential nutrition to tired looking or aging skin. Your body, especially your skin, will receive exceptional care. With skillful hand movements, our staff focuses on improving your respiratory systems and blood circulation of the skin, facilitating collagen& elastic production through nutrition from ginseng. As a result, your skin will be softer, smoother and stronger than ever.


Full Body Massage with Korean Lotion is a brand new treatment which specializes in skincare, suitable for dry skin, which is due to weather condition or natural disposition, aging and loose skin.


Step 1: Warm up your body with cream.

Therapist’s hands  create heat help your skin imbibe cream’s nutrients, your blood to flow smoothly, create elasticity.


Step 2: Massage your back.

Apply back massage method to continuous impacts the muscles and flexible move hand in your skin

Step 3: Massage neck, shoulder, nape.

Neck, shoulder, nape massage combination with lotion cream in order to make the time to recover shorter, increase circulate your blood to brain.

Step 4: Massage arms.

Arms massage combine to traditional press acupuncture points method in order to provide comfortable feelings and remove your tiredness.

Step 5: Massage belly, thighs, hips, buttock, legs. Lower body massage to activate the blood vessels, the muscles are relaxed. You will feel comfortable, remove the feeling of heavy.


If you are interested in Korean Lotion Massage, please see pricing details here.

75mins - 90mins – 120mins 470.000vnd – 590.000vnd – 650.000vnd


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