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Foot massage combining with facial massage is a time-and cost-efficient treatment for restoring body enegery. This package is totally suitable for travelers and officers.

All pressure on the feet, due to traveling constantly, sit or stand for too long will be relieved. The feet will be massaged and cared mostly & gently. Any blockage or tension under the soles will be disappeared and replaced by the absolute relaxation.

Tired skin, due to weather condition, will be revitalized through absorbing natural nutrition from colostrum and collagen. 

120 minutes – 720.000vnd


Step 1: Soak your feet in ginger and lemon. Soaking your feet in ginger and lemon helps to regenerate your skin, anti-aging, create elasticity and remove black pigments in the skin, and at the same time deodorize your feet.

Step 2: massage your head and neck during soaking your feet

Step 3: massage, press acupuncture point of feet. This process lightly impacts the nerves and acupuncture in your soles, which not only remove your tiredness and recover the flow of your energy, but also strengthen your health

Step 4: Wipe your feet with hot water. This creates benign stimulation, excites nerves, enhances blood circulation, provides comfortable feelings 


Step 1: Clean the skin, remove makeup and remove dead cells or dirt cling on to the skin

Step 2: Wash up, sauna with natural essential oil to blood vessels under the skin circulates well.

Step 3: Suck out oil, clear acne on the skin. This step is extremely important to help remove excess oil in the pores.

Step 4: Massage the face, appease the soft muscles on the face. Increased elasticity and elasticity have anti-aging as well as wrinkles removing.

Step 5: Hot blanket combination pressure points

Step 6: Run the infrared machine to tighten the skin, helping smooth skin

Step 7: Apply natural mask with Japansese microphyte or collagen and milk provide skin nutrients.

Step 8: Massage head, shoulders, neck to relax in the process of mask

Step 9: Clean skin, apply lotion skincare.


If you are interested in Stop by Pleasure Spa Package, please see pricing details here.



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