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At Sunny Spa, foot massage vietnam includes soles, insteps and calves massage. The most important focus is on the soles which receive all pressure of the whole body. Plus, the soles contain the majority of body organs’ representatives, which closely connect the organs of the body to form energy stream. As long as the energy flows normally, the body is healthy. If there is a blockage due to stress, fatigue or excessive exercise, it will cause illnesses.


Vietnamese foot massage relieves pain on the whole body or each painful body area, circulates energy, normalizes body blood circulation. Fatigue caused by excessive exercise or sitting too long will be disappeared. It harmonizes the entire system of the body and reduces pressure on the feet, which helps guests recover their physique and health quickly.


Foot Massage at Sunny Spa Danang is suitable  completely for people who are physically active or sitting too long.



Step 1: Soaking your feet with ginger and lemon softening the thick skin, hardening which can interfere with blood circulation, obstruct the flow of energy, and eliminate unpleasant odors of the legs.

Step 2: During the foot soak, head and neck are massaged to ensures the absolute relaxation of the body.

Step 3: Dry the feet and begin to relax your feet by placing your feet in turn on the practitioner’s knees to get used to and release the legs. Then apply the palms to the soles of the feet and apply advanced movements to identify areas of fatigue on the palms of the feet.

Step 4. The therapists begins to use the thumb technique, index finger, round, push the toes of the feet, feet, toes, and foot bones. viscera, head, sinus, eye, ear … restore normal functions, minimize endocrine and circulatory disorders.

Step 5. Massage the calf, press the nerves in the leg muscles, press the circle around the knee

Step 6: Massage around your ankles, clawing your feet, straining your legs to finish the foot massage.


If you are interested in Foot Massage, please see pricing details here.

60 – 90 phút 330.000 - 440.000 đồng


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