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Skin rejuvenation with serum vitamin C


Renewed regeneration of elastin & collagen regenerates damaged skin cells. It is specially formulated to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Merely maintaining long-lasting skin cells leading to rapid wrinkles disappear, bright skin brightens vitality.

This unique rejuvenating treatment is only available at Sunny Spa, a fast-penetrating Vitamin C, which rapidly absorbs new skin, smoothes out skin pigmentation, and prevents aging.

Process as follows:

Step 1: Clean your skin and wash your face, moisturize your skin with premium natural extracts

Step 2: Deep cleansing, remove dead skin and dirt accumulation on the skin, causing dull skin.

Step 3: Facial massage to wake deep cells inside the skin, stimulate the soft tissue on the face to firm skin and absorption. Aroma oil helps activate blood circulation under the skin, dilating the pores.

Step 4: Apply the skin rejuvenation method by electrolyte vitamin C (electrolyte ion of violation) from Japan. For important nutrients penetrated deep into the skin in an optimal way. Serum vitamin C is deeply absorbed and deep, creating high concentration under the skin, so the activity is enhanced.

Step 5: Cover mask, light.

Step 6: Spray oxygen to provide moisture.

Step 7: Apply soft cream, sunscreen and finish the process of skin

If you are interested in Full Body Massage, please see pricing details here.

90 phút 600.000vnd


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